2013 - 2015, Selcuk University School of Medicine in Konya, Turkey

 Specialization in Minor-Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery

2007 - 2012, Necmettin Erbakan University School of Medicine in Konya, Turkey

 Plastic Surgeon Residency

2000 - 2006, Cerrahpaşa School of Medicine in Istanbul, Turkey

GP Training

Work History:

2022 - currently, Private Practice in Istanbul, Turkey

 Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

2020 - 2022, Konya State Hospital in Konya, Turkey

 Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

2015 - 2020, Konya Training and Research Hospital in Konya, Turkey 

 Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

2013 - 2015, Selcuk University School of Medicine in Konya, Turkey

 Research Assistant

2012 - 2013, Konya Training and Research Hospital in Konya, Turkey 

 General Practitioner

2007 - 2012, Necmettin Erbakan University School of Medicine in Konya, Turkey

 Resident Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon


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Papers presented:

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  • L1 2013/11942 End-to-side anastomosis approximator.
Booking Surgery
Consumer reviewed I booked my surgery 15 days before I…

I booked my surgery 15 days before I had my Gastric sleeve, as soon as I paid my deposit my flight details were sent straight to me, I got collected by Levin who was really nice, I had loads of tests done which I was given all the results to come home with, the nurses are at your door 20 seconds after you press the bell and can’t do enough for you. Would 100% recommend as it’s life changing, I booked with Emma and she was great

Sylvana Borda reviewed I used for my…

I used for my procedure at optimed. Dr Emin was very excellant how to explaine and very thing is done step by step With my condinator I booked my surgery and even all I needed The interpreter was there 24/7 with me Nurses all the time coming to check on me an always with a smile The cleaner comes twice doing the room All the staff of optimedwhere helpful This was my first experience on 28 may 24. Hopefuly after my recovery I be back😊 Thank you again

Alan Price reviewed I Cannot Recommend Enough!

I recently underwent a gastric sleeve surgery with on the 10th of June in Tekirdag, Istanbul, and I cannot express how satisfied I am with the entire experience. As a registered nurse with NHS experience, I approached this decision with a great deal of caution. I conducted extensive research, interviewed multiple doctors, and spoke to numerous representatives to ensure I was making the best choice for my health. My thorough vetting process paid off, as the care and service provided by were absolutely outstanding. From the moment I arrived in Turkey, I felt well taken care of. The coordinator, Mike Smith, went above and beyond to ensure everything ran smoothly and coped well with my inquisitive annoying ways before choosing my provider. The translators on site – Ellie, Stella, Martin, and Oscar – were exceptional. They were not only proficient in their translations but also incredibly friendly and helpful, making the entire process seamless and stress-free. The level of care I received at Yasam Hospital was exemplary. The pre-surgery checks and tests were thorough, with meticulous attention to detail in blood monitoring and other necessary evaluations. The nursing staff were phenomenal, demonstrating high levels of competence and compassion throughout my stay. Their dedication and professionalism were in my experience superior to, the standards I’ve experienced within the NHS. The surgery itself went without a hitch, and the post-operative care was equally impressive. The medical team ensured I was comfortable and well-informed at every stage of the recovery process. The comprehensive follow-up care and guidance provided have been instrumental in my smooth recovery. To add i am the most anxious person, never had a General Anaesthetic. They catered to my needs. If i could work for this company i would and will advocate that my loved ones and friends go here for any surgery needs! Having experienced such exceptional care and service, I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone considering a gastric sleeve surgery or any other medical procedure. The quality of care, attention to detail, and overall patient experience far exceeded my expectations. In fact, I would now choose this company over the NHS for such procedures. In conclusion, my experience with has been nothing short of extraordinary. The entire team, from the coordinators and translators to the nursing staff and surgeons, contributed to making this a positive and life-changing experience. I will continue to advocate for this company and recommend it to anyone seeking top-notch medical care abroad.

Priscille Vuanda reviewed Vous n'avez pas à avoir peur y a toujours une personne qui parle votre langue et qui peut répond à tout vos questions

Honnêtement au début j'avais peur, mais javais Pierre qui de le début communiqué déjà avec moi via WhatsApp à tout moment il était disponible 7/7, 24/24. A mon arrivé à Istanbul on avait un chauffeur privé très sympathique qui est venu nous chercher à l'aéroport poir nous déposer à l'hôpital. Arrivé à l'hôpital j'ai été accueilli par Des infirmière très très gentil dont Ellie et des interprète et accompagnateur trooooooop sympathique dont Oscar et Stella. Je tien vraiment à remercier ses personnes la parce sans eux l'expérience serait peut être différent. Pierre avait déjà réussi à me mettre en confiance depuis que jetait encore à Bruxelles. Après ma chirurgie ils ont était au petit soin avec moi🥹. Et même à mon retour en Belgique j'ai Pierre qui continue à prendre de mes nouvelles et il sera présent tout au long. Un grand merci à Pierre,Oscar,Stella et Ellie. Vous allez beaucoup me manquer

Mags reviewed Excellent service with

I used for procedures at medistanbul with Dr Yalcin. From getting in contact to having the procedures the care has been second to none. The coordinators and interpreters have made everything seamless, many thanks to Lily, Morgan and Frank for all your help. The nursing staff are always at the end of the buzzer and the cleaners are popping in regularly with a smile and a mop. The food not so amazing but I didn’t come here for a gourmet experience! Would have no hesitation in returning or recommending this company.

Jordan Moore reviewed highly recommended my experience was…

highly recommended my experience was brillant from start to finish will definitely be using these guys again once I get down to my weight to sort my lose skin out

Miss K Elizabeth reviewed I had a boob augmentation (implant…

I had a boob augmentation (implant under the muscle) this week at medistanbul with booking surgery and I arranged the booking with David a co-ordinater who was nothing short of brilliant and even came to see me post surgery to make sure things were all okay. Dr Yalcin did my surgery, post surgery care and took out my drains and was a lovely bloke who achieved everything I asked for and more. Lily - my interpreter helped me the whole time and even got me English tea and coffee into the hospital, she helped me with my payments and general healthcare. All of the nurses were so caring, considerate and made me feel comfortable. On my leaving day, I felt reassured and ready to leave. I will definitely be returning for more surgery in the future :)

Danielle selwood reviewed Incredible service 5☆ all the way!

FDL 360 & BREAST UPLIFT n IMPLANTS Op date 3rd June 2024 Under Dr Yalçin At Medistanbul Hospital Omg I honestly have so much to say! What a fantastic service from the moment I contacted them nearly a year ago. My coordinator was Deniz and nothing was to much. I was given all the information about surgeons, pictures of there plastic surgery work and the decision was mine. I chose Dr Yalçin🩺 Upon arrival in Istanbul Sunday 2nd June I was picked up and it all began. Loads of staff a lot of different faces and always an translators at all times. I meet Dr Yalçin Monday 8am he done his drawings in me and I went down about 8.30am. Pain was manageable, nurses would come when you buzzed. Dr visited very day to check on all my wounds. Honestly just so incredibly grateful to Dr Yalçin and his team, 20yrs I waited and you made all my dreams come true in 1 day. Plus he has the loveliest smile you will see in your day. I had a few peeks and the wounds and stitching look phenomenal. If only Dr Yalçin new how much is amazing work literally changes people's lives. Thank you so much ;-) Big shout out to Lily and the whole translators and Booking Surgery Team. Would 💯 recommend to anyone asking and i know where to come if I'm ever looking for something else in future (Maybe thigh n arms we will see)! Though my husband did say next time we come to Turkey 🇹🇷 it's for a holiday😜 Take Care All Danielle Selwood